March 2014



In March I headed out to Camden, a small town in southern Arkansas.  This part of Arkansas is not far from the part of Louisiana I lived in while in High School.  Same red clay.  Same pine trees and hills.  Same “salt of the earth” people.  It was great being there.  Fairview UMC is a congregation with a long history in Camden.  It was one of the main churches when this was a “mill town”.  The mill has long since left, but the ministry of the church continues.

February 2014



February found us in a little warmer climate!  We pointed the motorhome south and headed to the valley of South Texas.


Our first event was in Harlingen, TX, February 9-12, at FUMC.  We had a good time with the “winter Texans” who migrate to the warmer climes each year.  Rev. David Payne is pastor here and we really enjoyed working with him.  We have many friends in the valley from our many visits across the years.  We love this part of Texas! (particularly in February.)

January 2014


Wow!  This year is going fast!  I have been negligent in posting and need to catch you up on what’s been going on in the ministry.

Dr. Scott Wachter for years and have worked with him in several churches.  Great pastor with a heart for God.  Years ago, his daughter was one of my gold medal winners in BibleQuest.  She is in college now and still remembers all the books of the Bible from the BQ songs.
We had a great time in Surfside Beach and enjoyed being a part of their ministry.

Important letter from Wesley



Dear friends,

We have had such an exciting year in ministry! Let me share some of the stories of amazing redemption and restoration we’ve seen and heard.

“I’ve got my son back! I’ve got my son back!” exclaimed a woman with eyes red from weeping as she walked up to me at end of a service.  She shared about a broken relationship with her adult son, where they hadn’t spoken a kind word to one another in years.  She had invited him to come hear The Master’s Storyteller, and to her surprise, he showed up.  God moved in his heart that night and her son’s relationship with God was restored.  As a result, his relationship with his mother was renewed.  There was an amazing, instant transformation in their lives!  That young man is now an active part of his church.

The Master’s storyteller in Paintsville, KY November 17-20



I’ve driven all over the U.S. and have seen some gorgeous scenery, but this ranks right there at the top.  Eastern KY is absolutely one of the most beautiful areas of the country I’ve ever seen.  I was parked at the Paintsville Lake state park.



Rev. Ken and Becky Spurrier have been friends for years.  We first met at a Congress on Evangelism and have enjoyed keeping up with one another in ministry.  I was with him several years ago in his last church and was delighted when it worked out to get together on this trip.

The Master’s storyteller in Wilmore, KY November 10-15



One of the beautiful fall scenes outside Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore KY.  What a delight to be back in Wilmore.  The seminary is doing great!  They now educate more United Methodist pastors than any other school in the United States.  They still have a passion for joining head and heart in their approach to education.  During my time of ministry at Wilmore UMC, I also had the privilege of speaking in one of the chapel services at the seminary.  What an amazing opportunity!